6 Things About Professional Photo Booth Service

Photo booth hire is the new trend of wedding parties nowadays. It’s simply not complete without a trip to the booth with your squad and takes some crazy pictures together! Yet, that crazy moment can only be perfect if the booth is doing its job right, with cute and ridiculous props as well as someone to help when you don’t know what to do!

Here are 6 reasons why professional service can maximize your photo booth hire experience!

1. Comes with props

There’s no need to be so busy with providing the right props for the booth because a professional photo booth service should be able to provide enough of them! These props don’t cost extra money and will surely add some fun to the booth!

You also don’t have to pay extra for the props as they are bundled together with the booth. They are all free to use as long as no one breaks them.

2. Comes with a butler

No one knows better about the booth but the butler. Professional service will provide the booth and props together with someone that knows how to use them. Some booths come with fancy options and choices which can be hard to understand if you’re not used to the system. Well, it’s not like we go to photo booths every day. The butler can also help with that.

The butler will also close and open the booths as per your request, as long as it’s within the time range you hired it for.

3. Fancy options and designs

No more boring photo booths with the same layout over and over again. These days, photo booths just aren’t complete with cute stickers and themes to add to the pictures. And that’s exactly what only professionals care to develop further. An example of a provider of such photo booth hire is www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth.

4. Integrate with your slideshow system

It’ll definitely be fun if you can show the pictures to your guests as they enjoy the party. Some crazy pictures of your squad can really entertain people as they wait for the room to fill in. The photo booth can be full of surprises so keep those pictures rolling!

If you don’t use a slideshow, you can use a guestbook for them to leave some memories on your party with a picture from the booth. It’ll make some very cute memorable pictures of the day.

5. Out of the box

Photo booth in a box? That’s very outdated! The latest news flash has come with making the corner of the wedding hall the photo booth. There’s no more trying to fit everyone into the small booths. You can now take a lot of pictures in that famous corner and all other guests like to crowd in. For free and as many times as you want!

6. Really worth it

The price of photo booth hire isn’t as expensive as you might think. Especially when you can decide when to open and close the booth anytime, you’ll get to really regulate your usage. The memories and fun from a professionally maintained photo booth are surely worth all the cost and time.

5 Strong Reasons to Do Newborn Photography Dublin

Parents, we’d like to congratulate you on your pregnancy! Waiting for the arrival of the little one can surely be nerve-wracking, but you will definitely agree when we say that it’s totally worth it! That small life can make big changes in yours and it’s just too precious to have a proper memory captured, no?

We’d like to show 5 strong reasons to book a newborn photography Dublin session for your little one. When it’s too late, there’s nothing you can do to return to this time anymore!

The newborn is a short time

Being a newborn is a very short time for the baby. It only lasts for a few days to a little past a week. Your chance to capture this moment is very slim, but not impossible! As long as you’ve properly planned for it, you’ll definitely get some great pictures of your newborn baby!

Some don’t last any more than 10 days and you’ll lose those precious faces they make after that. And you’re probably wondering what kind of faces we’re talking about. It’s that calm demeanor and simply closing their eyes most of the time. They don’t make much sound and sleep a lot of the time as if they’re still in the womb. Simply pure and innocent.

You don’t want to regret this, seriously.

Newborn photographer tends to get overbooked

The time you have to consider getting a newborn photography session this is actually shorter than you think! Most newborn photographers would advise that mothers make proper initial planning and come to consult as early as the moment they enter the second trimester. That’s if you want to get professional service and care on newborn photography Dublin such as from www.visiblemoments.com.

Be sure that you begin your search on your second trimester. It’s the most peaceful moment of pregnancy and most suitable to get things ready and be prepared. During your third trimester, you’ll be focusing on resting and exercising to become a strong mother.

Precious pictures for documentation purposes

You surely don’t want to miss even a single thing about your little one. Our brain and memory can sometimes fail us, but pictures never will. Get some proper pictures of your little ones before you miss the time to do it!

Chance for a family picture

It’s also a chance to get a family picture taken with the arrival of a new family member. Most photographers will offer you packages that include siblings and the whole family in one frame with the baby as the focus.

When else is the best time to have a family picture if not now? Your photographer also won’t mind doing this since it just increases the value of having booked a newborn photography Dublin session.

You don’t want to regret it

And last, but not least, is to prevent you from feeling the regret of not taking more pictures. Newborn photography session gives you the chance to actually take enough proper newborn pictures of your baby. You knew you had a short time-frame, but a few months after it, you’ll regret it. Trust us, we’ve seen some mothers who tell us this.

We want you to be fully content and be satisfied to know that you’ve taken enough pictures of this very short special moment of your baby that just began a new, wonderful life.