Gear That Every Wedding Photographer Should Have

wedding photography tipsIf you are a new wedding photographer, then you should know well ahead of time that your first wedding coverage is something that you should prepare well for one way or the other. One of the most important facets in wedding photography that you will be able to do would be to prepare for would have to be the kind of gear that you bring along for the coverage. You will need the kind of gear that will allow you to bring all of the things that you could ever need without looking like a pack mule and without damaging your back and neck in the process. It is a tricky thing to do and a difficult balance to tread into but it has to be done if you are ever going to succeed in it.

Camera and backup

The most important part of your gear would have to be your camera and your backup equipment. It is crucial that you bring backup camera along in order for you to be rest assured in the fact that you have something else to use in the event that something happens to your primary or main camera. You cannot afford to just drop dead and stop filming in the middle of a wedding.

You will need to counter on and just expertly shift to your backup camera instead and without ever having to skip a beat. This is how professional wedding photographers Los Angeles conduct business and you should do the same. There are so many things that can happen to a camera in the middle of a wedding coverage. Do not allow yourself to be caught in a hopeless situation with no solution but failure in sight. Remember that you are a paid service provider and that service should be doled out no matter what happens.

Invest in three major lenses: a medium zoom lens, a telephoto lens, and a wide angle lens.

A medium zoom lens is one of the most versatile lenses out there. It will let you take gorgeous enough portrait photos while at the same time still be able to take close up photos from a comfortable enough distance. A telephoto lens will let you scoot to the back of the room and go about as invisibly as possible without ever skipping a bit. And lastly, a wide angle lens will enable you to capture architectural structures as well as group photos without ever having to worry about cropping anyone out just because they will not fit into the lens.

Get yourself a trusty and high quality tripod.

It will provide you with the kind of stability and balance that your camera needs for when you are shooting in areas that have very limited natural light available. Cameras tend to shake when shooting in low light. You will only worsen the situation if you proceed to holding the camera by hand and not mounted through a tripod instead.

Invest in a lot of memory cards as well as extra camera batteries as well.

Also make sure that you get a high quality camera bag that will bring everything together. Go for something that is roomy enough to get all your things together so you do not forget anything.