How To Pursue Your Dream As A Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsDo not miss out on the family photo shoots with the bride and with the groom.

You cannot afford to miss out on the family shots as the official wedding photographer officially covering a wedding event. This should be something that you should work out pretty much ahead of time. One of the biggest challenges that come along with the family shots is the fact that the wedding photographer is not all that familiar with the different family members from either side of the bride and groom. This can pose a real problem because when it all comes down to it, you do not know who you should pose with and how to pose them and this can be a real problem especially given the fact that you are basically operating on a very limited time window. One way around this would be to ask the bride and the groom for a go-to person who can technically coordinate the family photo shoots for you. That way, you have that person do all of the work for you while all that you need to focus on is to just work on the composition of your photos. Make sure that you consider this as one of the top priorities because the family photos are the important shots that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on.

Get out of the way as much as you can.

As a wedding photographer derby, you need to learn the art of being invisible. A great wedding photographer knows pretty good and well that invisibility really is a superpower. Try to get out of the way of people and try not to obstruct anyone’s view at some point. Assess the venue well ahead of time and plan out the way that you will be able to position yourself. Make sure that you technically find a spot that will let you take the photos that you want to take without having tons of people pass by you and blocking your view. One of the most important tricks that you can pull this off is to invest in a really great telephoto lens. A telephoto lens will basically allow you to keep a respectable enough distance and still be able to take the close up photos that will more or less comprise the money shots in your wedding photography coverage. You also need to make sure that you move fast and are quick on your feet. You need to make sure that you get to wear comfortable shoes as well in the process so that you can keep up with the ever dynamic elements that come along with a wedding photography coverage.

Slow down.

It is not a contest of who gets the most shots. As a wedding photographer, the notion is really quite incorrect when it comes to the aspect of thinking that the more photos you shoot, the more efficient you are. That is actually not the case. The general rule that you should follow through on is to go for three clicks per scene or per person and no more than that.