Is Your Photobooth Business Insured?

This can be a weird question. How can anyone be injured inside a photobooth and how will that be related to my photobooth? When clients hire a photobooth for their party, alcohol often becomes the culprit of the damages and incidents that happen inside. Other times, there can be a lot of other factors that may cause your clients to sue you because your photobooth did not live up to their expectations.

So, what kind of insurance does my photobooth needs? We’ll be covering several types of insurance you can get for your photobooth to make sure that you won’t be majorly penalized for the damage that is incurred.

General Liability Insurance

Similar to general liability insurance that you got for your photography service, any damages that incurred to a third party due to your photobooth placement or operation will be covered by the liability insurance. This includes the legal fee to attend the court and paying for the lawsuit and hiring a legal expert.

This can often save you a lot of pain when you are unable to pay attention to your booth and people got injured by it. It can become a lifesaver when the case becomes serious, like when someone is permanently injured or wounded.

Equipment Coverage

Equipment coverage helps cover the damages incurred to the photobooth and props that you brought along. Often, your client and the guests did not mean to break them. They probably were pretty careful in using the props. You have to realize that the props are used not by just one, but tens and probably hundreds other events and parties.

There are so many possibilities that many other guests before the current one were rough with the props. It was pure chance that it broke down with your current client. When you find it pretty unfair to ask your current client to pay for the damage, equipment coverage will pay you for the replacement fee.

Do ask your insurance provider how they will cover new equipment that is procured after taking up this insurance. Usually, if the equipment is damaged and you have not notified the company, it will not cover the replacement fee.

Employee Crime Coverage

Most of the time you will hire a butler together with when your client hire a photobooth from you. Like who also uses a butler, it’s important that you have this insurance to protect yourself from employee dishonesty.

This covers from theft, attempted theft or robbery, physical or digital loss of assets, forgery of checks and drafts, and even property damages or financial losses cause by your employer with additional costs.

Professional Indemnity Coverage

In the case that your client is not satisfied with how you hire a photobooth due to it not working or if they find the quality of the pictures printed out as low, they probably want to sue you for professionalism. This will bring you to the court and you will have to pay the legal fee.

When that happens, professional indemnity will cover your legal fee and, if necessary, the compensation to be paid to your client. The limit of the amount, of course, depends on your premium.

This is a necessary insurance to have when you are especially worried about perfectionist customers.