Wedding Photography Tips To Live By

wedding photographyGet as much experience as you can get your hands on.

When it all comes down to it, there really is no clear cut recipe to success. Success can happen differently to different people but one of the most common denominators to success is technically hard work and a lot of time being invested as well. If the going does not get easy for you to begin with, just keep holding on and keep treading on because what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that things will really start to get easier one way or the other. Get as much industry experience as you possibly can. Do not be picky with the little photography side jobs that you get.

Most of them may not pay as much because of the fact that you have a very limited resume in the beginning but things really will get better. If you do not find anything in wedding photography just yet, take it anyway. You will be surprised how different legs of photography can offer out different and unique strategies that you can and will eventually find useful overall. Offer to assist in the wedding photography gigs of more experienced wedding photographers out there just to help you get your feet wet one way or the other.

Always shoot in RAW when covering for a wedding photography gig.

What you will need to understand and keep in mind all of the time is the fact that RAW file formats are always preferred by professional wedding photographers out there. It is because of the fact that RAW files offer all of the complete information recorded directly from the sensor of the cameras. The images are not auto edited or white balanced in any way, shape or form. What this means is that all of the original information is basically kept intact and not compressed or anything like that. This gives you all of the options to do all of the editing. This is extremely powerful stuff because you as the wedding photographer ultimately gets the last say down to the shifting of the color tone, the shadows, the highlights, and so on and so forth.

RAW file formats tend to eat up a lot of memory space.

This means that you will have to more or less double up on the amount of memory cards that you bring along with you during your wedding photography gigs. When it all comes down to it, this is a very small price to pay though compared to the quality of the photos that it brings in.

Back things up twice or as much as you can afford.

Always clear out your memory cards after every single gig and store them in two or more different places. Practice the rule of two’s for all things related to wedding photography one way or the other and that should put you in a pretty good place.

You need a second shooter, second camera, second everything when it comes to wedding photography.

Again, we go back to the fact that you do everything by the principle of two’s. A second shooter will make sure that you will be able to focus more on the important shots that you need to take because someone else is picking up on the slack.

Basic Wedding Photography Gear You Will Need

basic wedding photography gearWedding photography is an extremely huge task that is being put on your shoulders. You have to keep in mind the fact that the bride and groom are basically entrusting you with the most important day in their lives as a couple and you owe just as much to them by making sure that you are prepared across all aspects. One of the most important things that you will have to prepare for would have to be the photography gear. After all, what is a Yorkshire wedding photographer without his wedding photography gear, right?


You will need a minimum of two cameras to start off with if you want to have a place in wedding photography. If you cannot afford the most expensive and the highest quality of cameras out there, a good place to start would have to be the Canon 5D. 5D cameras technically offer you full frames and this is something that can tremendously boost the quality of the images that you take.  The size of the view finder is also quite satisfying based on what a lot of wedding photographers out there have experienced.

The viewing area is larger and far more convenient than the other cameras in the lower end of the spectrum. 5D cameras also have a shallow depth of field which makes them excelling in capturing portrait photos that are common in wedding photography. They will also get to provide you with better low light performance. This is something that can make things extremely easy for you if you are shooting in reception areas that do not have a sufficient amount of natural light streaming through at some point. 5Ds do not cost as much as the 1-series but they are still able to get the job done remarkably well. Make sure that you have a secondary camera that will serve as your backup or insurance for when something happens to your main one.

Various lenses

You will also need various lenses in order for you to get different angles and different perspectives for the pictures that you take. Ideally, you should start off with a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. A telephoto lens will let you take close up photos from a comfortable distance which is required during moments like the ceremony, among other things. A wide angle lens will let you take group photos with ease and without so much difficulty. Lenses can cost a lot of money though so if this is something you are struggling with, opt for a medium zoom lens instead. It can do a little of both for only a fraction of the cost.

High quality camera bag

Make sure that you invest in a high quality camera bag that can fit all of your gear in it for easier carriage. Go for something that is padded and sturdy enough for rough handling. If you have the option to choose, try to look for something that is made out of weatherproof material so that it can withstand tough elements such as rain and extreme heat.