RAW Files: Why a Professional Wedding Photographer Should Prefer Them

raw formatAs a wedding photographer, quality should supercede pretty much everything else for you. Your main goal should be to be able to deliver great photos that are of the highest possible quality, for as long as you can help it. This is why RAW files are so much more preferred than JPEG files. You see, when you prefer to shoot in RAW, you get to record all of the data coming from your camera’s sensor. This is a super big deal when you come to think of it. Technically speaking, all cameras out there shoot initially in RAW. It is just that when a camera shoots in JPEG, it compresses the image to save memory space and does its basic processing for the image. You have to understand though that your camera is technically not as smart as your computer program paired up with your brain. If you get to have control of all of the processing options for all of your images, imagine the kind of results you will be getting. It is just mind blowing and incredible.


Shooting in RAW affords the York wedding photographer higher levels if brightness. JPEG can only offer out 256 levels of brightness whereas RAW can offer out up to 16,000 levels of brightness or even more. This is a huge difference in terms of the editing options that you will be able to more or less get your hands on. You get to make so much more adjustments than any other existing format out there will be able to offer you. You get to fix any possible issues with your images without having to choose between that and the quality of the images.


You also have extremely powerful photo sharpening options right at the very tips of your fingertips when you shoot in RAW. This is because you have access to noise algorithms and sharpening tools when you pair RAW images up with editing programs such as Lightroom and Aperture. These programs are still being continually worked on and improved and more and more feature and options are actually being added up to it. It means that you can even revisit any other old RAW files you may have and edit it with the new good stuff in the programs in the future.


You also get to enjoy editing your photos without ever having to fear that you will end up destroying it at some point. You see, when you edit RAW images, no matter what kind of editing or how many revisions you do, it leaves the original image pretty much untouched. That means that you can edit away and be creative without having to worry about your original files being ruined. On the other hand, JPEG files are quite infamous when it comes to the aspect of losing most of the file information whenever any modifications such as editing are being done on the files. As a matter of fact, it will automatically save the newest updated image straight away and you will have no way of retrieving the original one.