The Rising Interest In Newborn Photography

newborn photographyNewborn photography is currently on the rise and with good reason. These days, more and more parents are realizing and appreciating the value of commemorating the babyhood of their children by having them professionally photographs. Babyhood is something that can be extremely fleeting and things can really change with the blink of an eye. Having babies professionally photographed gives parents mementos that they can pretty much hang onto and reminisce even long after the baby has grown out. The thing that is so intriguing and attractive about newborn photography is the fact that babies are just so effortlessly adorable. They literally pretty much just sleep their way all throughout their shoot and they still come out looking great and adorable in the photos that are being produced.

Great business

As a photography professional, it would make extremely great business sense if this is something that you would like to expand to at some point. The client base is always there and it will make a good buffer for when you do not exactly have events booked for your services back to back. It makes for a sustainable business model that can absolutely work is you are willing to work out the kinks and learn the basics in pulling this one off. Some photographers have made their fortune off of newborn photography alone. However, you do not have to deal with that kind of pressure if you do not want to. Newborn photography is fine as a side gig.

First 10 days shoot

Most newborn photographers will tell you that the best time to photograph the newborns is within the first ten days after they were born. This is the most pacific phase of their lives. The babies are not that acclimated yet to the rigors of the outside world and they still pretty much do what they are used to doing inside their mother’s womb. At this stage in their life, all that they mainly do is to just sleep and feed and that is it. They are extremely “moldable” in this particular phase in their lives and that is why it is so great to photograph them during this time because you as the newborn photographer will enjoy so much liberty in posing them and getting creative without the fuss. Babies in general tend to perk up and tend to be a little bit more alert after ten days and this can cause an issue with regards to posing them properly because they will fidget a lot and may not always be in the best of moods and that makes it hard to photograph them.

Morning schedule

It would also be a pretty good idea to request if the parents can agree to do the newborn photo shoot during the mornings. Babies are less cranky during the mornings particularly when they have been recently fed and bathe. During the mornings, you also more or less have an abundant amount of natural light streaming through from the windows. That in itself is strategic. Less use of flash means fewer chances to disturb or startle the baby.