How To Book A Wedding Photographer On A Budget

Work with vendors that are recommended or preferred by the venue that you are booking.

photographer BournemouthMind you, just to set the record straight, preferred is so much more different than required. You should still have the freedom to compare rates and services at some point or so. If a wedding venue requires you to book anyone, then this is something that you should run away from as much as possible. No bride should be cornered off like that. However, if they are giving you referrals, then that is a totally different ball game. Most of these recommended vendors will turn out to give you a bit of a price cut at some point or so and this can really work out for you especially when you have a limited budget to work with at the end of the day.

Get this looked into and taken into account and things are bound to really be so much easier for you to have to go through with when it all comes down to it. More than that, if a wedding photographer is highly recommended by the wedding venue that you happened to book, it means that he knows how to photograph the place beautifully and that should be plus points for them in your book. You need someone who will really be able to maximize the beauty of the wedding venue that you are holding the wedding in so pay attention to the wedding photographers that they bring your way.

Limit the hours of the professional wedding photographer that you are booking.

You don’t need to book your wedding photographer for more than 5 hours and that is something that you can take to the bank. Chances are, wedding photographers such as this Bournemouth photographer (, who are at the top of their game don’t come cheap. This doesn’t mean that you should miss out on their awesome services though. You can still book photographers like this but you can limit the hours that they are on deck so that you also get to limit your expenses.

Ask about the price breaks that you can get if you happen to book your photographer on a slow month.

This requires a little bit of guts to ask from your photographer but then again, you will never really know for sure what you can get out of this unless you make it a point to ask. Just blurt out the question and see how it goes. If you are lucky, you might actually be able to haggle your way into a discount and most of the professional wedding photographers out there will be happy to give you one if it means that they will be able to secure your booking one way or the other. It is the perfect bargaining card for you as a client so keep this at the back of your mind when you are booking someone.

Go for local talent.

This way, you don’t have to pay for anything more than their services. Booking someone from somewhere else will mean that you also need to pay for their board and lodging and travel fees and it can cost you exponentially more than when you just book someone who is local to your area.