Why A Wedding Photographer Needs To Wake Up Early


wedding photographyOne thing that you will need to learn to practice as well as appreciate as a wedding photographer is the art of meditating. It is extremely important for you to make sure that you are more or less able to clear your mind as much as possible. Your mind is basically your sharpest and your most effective tool as a wedding photographer and that is why you need to make sure that you are able to maintain it well and keep it in top fighting form all of the time. The mornings are usually the best time for you as a wedding photographer to meditate and to clear your head of any unnecessary thoughts and distractions.

You will only be able to bring in a fresh perspective during the wedding photography shoots that you get to cover as the official wedding photographer if your mind is not clouded all of the time. As a wedding photographer, you will have to go through the motions of being able to really come in clear minded and ready to take on the challenges of the day or whatever circumstances you may need to face and deal with during the wedding photography shoot.

It is usually something that works best if you wake up before the sun actually rises.

Perhaps there’s a scientific explanation to it but the more poetic approach would basically be getting ahead of the day, in a literal sense. Waking up early as a wedding photographer is something that will help you get a better handle of things. You don’t have to rush through anything because you have enough time to get everything done at a pace that you prefer when it all comes down to it. More than that, you know for a fact that mornings are great when it comes to checking out your to-do list for the day. In order for you to be able to go through things successfully, you need to be able to envision it first. You can’t do that if you wake up late and you need to rush through the process of getting ready, etc.

As a wedding photographer, you need to form the habit of really getting up early every single day, even during the days wherein you don’t really have  a wedding to shoot when it all comes down to it. It is not some switch that you can turn and off depending on what you need or want it to. It is a habit, a basic and steady routine that you will need to build up and more or less get used to.

The hardest part is always during the first few mornings.

Once you are able to get over this, what you can be quite rest assured of the fact that things will be so much easier from there on out. They say that it takes about 21 days for you to form a habit and even by then, you will have to follow through on it for every single day after that. It may sound like an awful lot of hard work at first especially if you are not the type of person who relishes getting up during early mornings but this is something that will soon get to grow on you over time as a Suffolk wedding photographer

Wedding Photographer Ideas For The Ultimate Starter

Do not delay it

wedding photography tipsThe process of establishing yourself in the wedding photography industry is no walk in the park, to say so in the very least. A wedding photographer will need to jump through the proverbial hoops before he gets anywhere near making a solid enough income in order to be able to make things sustainable at some point or so. If you have any plans or dreams of becoming a wedding photographer, then there really is no point of delaying it any further. If you are absolutely sure that when it all comes down to it, this is something that you really are quite passionate about, then you should go ahead and try to more or less work on it a little but every single day.

Every little bit really can help you along the way.

Every single baby step that you take is a  little step that will help bring you closer to the ultimate goal which is to become a pro wedding photographer when it all comes down to it. Even if it is something that sounds a little silly and frivolous at the time being, such as starting out a website showcasing you as an enterprising wedding photographer, or setting up several social media accounts that represent you both as a pro and as a business, or printing out business cards, etc. It doesn’t even matter if you haven’t officially launched as a Bristol wedding photographer and opened shop yet. All that basically matters is the fact that you are motivated to eventually reach out and go ahead with the big steps in the future through the little steps that you are taking today. Today is the time for you to stop thinking about things and to just start doing them instead. You will not always be guaranteed of success and the like but it helps a lot knowing that you were at least brave enough to try and take a shot at it in more ways than one.

Gain contact and be in the same circles

Try to gain contact and be in the same social circles with the other wedding photographers out there in your area. This will keep you in the loop when it comes to industry related updates and events and it is an exercise that will really be able to more or less help you grow as a wedding photographer who is still working on being able to establish himself in this extremely competitive and somewhat crowded niche.

Make friends with other photographers

Making friends with other wedding photographers will also give you the opportunity to get some really honest assessments and feedback about your skill and your prowess as a wedding photographer. Look up social media groups of wedding photographers in your area and try to see if you will more or less be able to join them. Keep yourself active and updated. Join in on conversations as much as you possibly can. Over time, you will be able to make use of your connections more and more but this is a pretty good place for you to start.

Basic Wedding Photography Gear You Will Need

basic wedding photography gearWedding photography is an extremely huge task that is being put on your shoulders. You have to keep in mind the fact that the bride and groom are basically entrusting you with the most important day in their lives as a couple and you owe just as much to them by making sure that you are prepared across all aspects. One of the most important things that you will have to prepare for would have to be the photography gear. After all, what is a Yorkshire wedding photographer without his wedding photography gear, right?


You will need a minimum of two cameras to start off with if you want to have a place in wedding photography. If you cannot afford the most expensive and the highest quality of cameras out there, a good place to start would have to be the Canon 5D. 5D cameras technically offer you full frames and this is something that can tremendously boost the quality of the images that you take.  The size of the view finder is also quite satisfying based on what a lot of wedding photographers out there have experienced.

The viewing area is larger and far more convenient than the other cameras in the lower end of the spectrum. 5D cameras also have a shallow depth of field which makes them excelling in capturing portrait photos that are common in wedding photography. They will also get to provide you with better low light performance. This is something that can make things extremely easy for you if you are shooting in reception areas that do not have a sufficient amount of natural light streaming through at some point. 5Ds do not cost as much as the 1-series but they are still able to get the job done remarkably well. Make sure that you have a secondary camera that will serve as your backup or insurance for when something happens to your main one.

Various lenses

You will also need various lenses in order for you to get different angles and different perspectives for the pictures that you take. Ideally, you should start off with a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. A telephoto lens will let you take close up photos from a comfortable distance which is required during moments like the ceremony, among other things. A wide angle lens will let you take group photos with ease and without so much difficulty. Lenses can cost a lot of money though so if this is something you are struggling with, opt for a medium zoom lens instead. It can do a little of both for only a fraction of the cost.

High quality camera bag

Make sure that you invest in a high quality camera bag that can fit all of your gear in it for easier carriage. Go for something that is padded and sturdy enough for rough handling. If you have the option to choose, try to look for something that is made out of weatherproof material so that it can withstand tough elements such as rain and extreme heat.