5 Essential Things to Have For Your Wedding Photography Northern Ireland Business

wedding photography Northern IrelandIf you have a talent for photography, you might decide to make it your career. Photography has different niches from wedding photography Northern Ireland to wildlife photography. Regardless of the niche you decide to specialize in, all photography businesses require certain items to operate.


They are:

  • Business License

When photography is a hobby, you don’t really focus on the business side of things. You just shoot images because it is your passion. But, when you make a conscious effort to make a business out of it, then it is time to get serious and acquire a license.

A business license shows that you are serious in making a go out of it. By getting a business name and getting a license, you let your potential customers know that you are in it for the long haul. To get a business license, you need to register your business name and apply for a license.

  • Make Sure Your Business Name is On Everything

From bank account to greeting cards and your photography website, everything must exude professionalism. One way of doing this is to ensure you have your business name on it. You can open a business account so that your income and expenses for the business are not intermixed with your personal account.

Also, when you want to introduce yourself to a client, you can bring out a card denoting your business name and your specialization in wedding photography Northern Ireland. Having a website is also important in increasing your online presence. But, when setting up a website, make sure you do not use free domains. Your website should have your business name and t should be one you purchased.

  • Get Insurance

Anything can happen when you embark on photography. It is possible that you might be at an event and your camera can get damaged. Cameras are really expensive and you do not want a case whereby you have to spend thousands of pounds to buy a new one.

With an insurance cover, you can ensure that your photography tools are protected from scenarios like this. Apart from equipment insurance, you can also get General business insurance to cover for accidents that occur on your premises.

  • Contract

When you agree to cover the special event of a client, make sure that you have evidence of it. There have been cases of disagreements between photographers and their clients due to them only agreeing verbally on things. A contract that states the arrangement of things and how it will be paid for and the service the photographer is expected to deliver will prevent future problems.

If you do not understand how to prepare a contract, get a lawyer to help you draft one and you can make it the template for future ones.

  • Get a Tax Number

Of course, since you are earning income from your business, you will need to pay taxes. This is another reason why you should make the deliberate step to separate your company business from your personal business . So that when you file your taxes, it is easy to identify how much you pay for personal income tax and company income tax.

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