Prepping Your in Mindset for a Lake Como wedding

wedding photography tipsFor most of the up and coming brides out there who are in the process of preparing their Lake Como wedding, the planning and prep process can be nerve wracking. The thing about destination weddings like a Lake Como wedding is that there are so many unknown variables that might pop up at the last minute. Literally anything can happen and one element out of place or one vendor failing to deliver on what has been promised can really mess it up for the rest of all of the other elements arranged and impeccably prepared for during the event. If you are feeling anxious and nervous about it, you have every reason to be. However, worrying doesn’t really get anything done at the end of the day. Unless you do something about it, you will just end up curling up in a ball in the corner hoping and praying that nothing messes up your perfect Lake Como wedding day. Don’t be passive with your approach. Have enough initiative to really stand up and step up to the challenge and face them head on. It’s your wedding day at stake here after all, not anybody else’s.

Set your priorities in order when you are planning a Lake Como wedding.

Always start it off with the budget. You can have all of these grand schemes and designs for the Lake Como wedding but if you end up coming up short for the finances to fund it, you’ll end up scrapping the entire thing anyway. That’s a lot of time and effort to throw away so make sure that you start things right. Come up with a targeted amount and stick to that amount no matter what. Blowing things up and out of proportions is a common mistake among couples and it can easily happen to you given that your Lake Como wedding is a destination wedding setup. Keep in mind that there’s life after marriage. If you end up burning through your life’s savings, you won’t have any more room for the rest of your journey.

Cut extras

Cut short anything extraneous or anything that isn’t really that much of a necessity in your Lake Como wedding. Ostentatious is not the way to go. Sometimes, coming up with something simple but tasteful can do the trick, and at much lower costs. Ask yourself again and again if you really need that truckload of calla lilies imported from South Africa when there are a lot of local florists with native flowers that look just as good in the area. When you overdo things, you end up overstretching your budget as well and that almost always never ends well.

Keep your guests in mind.

Is a Lake Como wedding practical and logistically possible for the rest of the other important members of your family as well as close friends? What kind of arrangements do you have to make ahead of time? These are things that you need to think about to bring your dreams of a Lake Como wedding into fruition. Unless you want to hold a wedding with no one there but the waiters to bear witness to the union, you better start prepping up stat.

Gear That Every Wedding Photographer Should Have

wedding photography tipsIf you are a new wedding photographer, then you should know well ahead of time that your first wedding coverage is something that you should prepare well for one way or the other. One of the most important facets in wedding photography that you will be able to do would be to prepare for would have to be the kind of gear that you bring along for the coverage. You will need the kind of gear that will allow you to bring all of the things that you could ever need without looking like a pack mule and without damaging your back and neck in the process. It is a tricky thing to do and a difficult balance to tread into but it has to be done if you are ever going to succeed in it.

Camera and backup

The most important part of your gear would have to be your camera and your backup equipment. It is crucial that you bring backup camera along in order for you to be rest assured in the fact that you have something else to use in the event that something happens to your primary or main camera. You cannot afford to just drop dead and stop filming in the middle of a wedding.

You will need to counter on and just expertly shift to your backup camera instead and without ever having to skip a beat. This is how professional wedding photographers Los Angeles conduct business and you should do the same. There are so many things that can happen to a camera in the middle of a wedding coverage. Do not allow yourself to be caught in a hopeless situation with no solution but failure in sight. Remember that you are a paid service provider and that service should be doled out no matter what happens.

Invest in three major lenses: a medium zoom lens, a telephoto lens, and a wide angle lens.

A medium zoom lens is one of the most versatile lenses out there. It will let you take gorgeous enough portrait photos while at the same time still be able to take close up photos from a comfortable enough distance. A telephoto lens will let you scoot to the back of the room and go about as invisibly as possible without ever skipping a bit. And lastly, a wide angle lens will enable you to capture architectural structures as well as group photos without ever having to worry about cropping anyone out just because they will not fit into the lens.

Get yourself a trusty and high quality tripod.

It will provide you with the kind of stability and balance that your camera needs for when you are shooting in areas that have very limited natural light available. Cameras tend to shake when shooting in low light. You will only worsen the situation if you proceed to holding the camera by hand and not mounted through a tripod instead.

Invest in a lot of memory cards as well as extra camera batteries as well.

Also make sure that you get a high quality camera bag that will bring everything together. Go for something that is roomy enough to get all your things together so you do not forget anything.

What To Do When Starting A Wedding Photography Business

wedding photography studioConnect

Surround yourself with people who are like minded and who inspire and support you to be better and to be everything you would like to be. There is an old saying out there that says that you are only as good as the company that you keep. Keep yourself surrounded by people who inspire your art and who inspire you to basically be better at what you do. You have to understand that creativity and inspiration is not a bottomless well that will always have something for you every time that you need to take a dip out of it. At some point, it will dry up. This is something that you will need to work on. Having people who supply you with constant creativity and inspiration will require less work from you and will keep the creative juices flowing for much longer than usual.

Hard work

It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time to get established in your craft and to master your trade. This is something that you cannot achieve overnight. It takes time and a lot of hard work before you can even consider yourself as an expert in wedding photography. You will need a lot of training and a lot of experience first when it all comes down to it. If there is something that you will need to take note of, it would have to be the fact that you need to practice every day if you are seriously looking at the possibilities of being an established expert in this particular kind of craft. You need total commitment and an ever ongoing search for the finer things in your craft at some point.

If this is something that you would like to start doing for a living, then photography should be your passion. It is a bit of a prerequisite. They say that if you love something so much that you start doing it for a living, it becomes so enjoyable and you become so passionate about it that it hardly ever feels like work at all. If you are able to find that in wedding photography and you are launching a business out of it, then you have most definitely hit the jackpot right then and there. Find something that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life at all.

Brace yourself

You should seriously brace yourself for possible encounters with failure. Mistakes are a part of your learning curve in wedding photography. As much as you would like to hit the ground running with your wedding photography business, that will not always be the case. You will come across a lot of failures and disappointments in the beginning but you just have to hang in there and be patient because it may be slow coming but it will come in eventually. You have to remember that the most successful people in the world have come across countless failures and let-downs before they even had a brush with success.

It is alright if you do not fit the cookie cutter mold. It is ok to stand out and be different. Believe it or not, sometimes that can be a good thing. Different makes you unique and that can be a business selling point.

Wedding Photographers in Kent and Their Different Styles

wedding photography tipsDestination weddings are the costliest and also the most challenging to pull off and when you get to think about it, also one of the riskiest and time consuming ones as well. It pays to actually know what to look for before you start talking to people about making arrangements for your destination weddings. One of the most popular destinations for weddings is in Kent. That is why it comes as no surprise why a lot of people are trying to research about the best wedding photographers in Kent whom they can get in touch with. They basically come with different styles to offer so it will be best if at some point you are able to educate yourself on what is available out there.

Traditional wedding photography

The first kind of wedding photography style is the oldest one in the book. It is called the traditional wedding photography style. What this particular wedding photography style entails is pretty much handing almost all of the control over to the photographer. The photographer gets to decide on what kind of classical poses are to be taken, who takes them, and where they are posed in. It involves really setting the stage and really making sure that everything is as it should be. It is the kind of wedding photography style people have been accustomed to in the past and something that really is pretty much as old as time and it has not changed much aside from the major advances that technology has to offer. Things are much easier now and accessories and effects are more easily controllable but the concept has not deviated much from its origins.

Photojournalistic style

The second kind of wedding photography style is the photojournalistic type. This one has a lot of variations in what it is called. It really is based more of preference, more than anything else. Some call it “reportage style”, some call it “documentary style”, and so on and so forth. This wedding photography style is derived from the editorial reporting style of photography. Photos are usually taken quickly and with succession. It involves just more or less letting events unfold and just happen while the photographer just follows along and capturing the moments as they happen. This is less staged and less choreographed than the first wedding photography style and is usually able to produce candid and casual looking photos that really appeal to the younger and trendier crowd who are always looking out for what is new and what is not that usual.

Fashion-based approach

And lastly, there is a fashion based approach which is pretty much a combination between the two. It comprises of studio type as well as casual looking photos. When you come to think of it, it is pretty much the best of both worlds and in our opinion, something that you should more or less opt for as well. It appeals to the more traditional types while not completely letting down those who are more inclined to the newer and trendier approaches to wedding photography at the same time.