The Philosophy of Why Wedding Photographers Shoot In RAW

You get sharper picture detail. wedding photography

Wedding photographers who film their images in RAW will tend to have more options when it comes to sharpening the pictures that they are able to take. You see, when RAW is being edited, wedding photographers tend to have access to options like noise algorithm and the like and those are the kinds of options that can seriously make the difference between regular photos and truly outstanding photos. This particular kind of difference will really bring in the money shots, when it all comes down to it. Sharper and crisper looking photos out there always come out looking great.  Details and everything else in between matter a lot.

You get to edit your pictures without being destructive.

The post shoot editing process of the images that you take is technically just as important as the filming process of the images itself. You need to make sure that you are more or less able to really protect your images from all kinds of risks – even it has to include protecting your images from yourself as well. Editing can be a really tricky thing to do. One wrong click or one wrong modification can mean you lose your image forever, unless you shoot in RAW, of course. The beauty of being able to edit without any kind of trouble whatsoever or without having to worry at all about ruining the images eventually because RAW files will always protect themselves. On the other hand, JPEG tends to ruin the images whenever you edit them because they will automatically save the new edited version. This means you will not be able to retain the original version of the images from the moment that you took them. As a matter of fact, JPEG is usually regarded as a particularly “lossy” file that tends to mess up all of the other pictures.

You get better prints.

A lot of people might have particularly mixed emotions and opinions about the concept of pictures that are in prints, given the advent of technology and the digitization of pretty much anything and everything else under the sun. However, believe it or not, people still pretty much appreciate the sentiment of really great looking prints one way or the other. The thing with RAW images is the fact that they prevent posterization in the quality of the photos. It means you get better looking prints all throughout as compared to when you film in any of the other formats available out there. Regardless of how relatively high tech things have become, great looking physical wedding albums are still pretty much in demand. Wedding photographers, such as wedding photographer surrey, know this for an absolute fact.

You get access to an efficient workflow.

The post shoot editing process of a wedding photography gig is usually one of the most hectic ones out there. You will need to work on a very limited time window of roughly around a few days after the wedding event itself and having an efficient work flow to let you work quickly through your workload is something that can really bring your work along.