Wedding Photography Worries and How to Handle Them

There are lots of worries that an engaged couple can have about their wedding from when, where to have their wedding down to who will be in charge of the DJ. And now, we’re about to list out even more worries to have in hiring a wedding photographer Scotland.

But we’re not about to hand out troubles without telling you how to solve them. You’ll see below how each can be solved according to your preference and different needs.

Who’s in charge of your photography?

It’s only natural that we assume the person we meet at the studio to be the person that will be in charge of our wedding pictures. But this assumption should be cast out. There’s no telling who is the person that is going to take your wedding pictures. It could be the best photographer in there or the new guy that just started working last month.

The key here is to emphasize make it clear that the person mentions who the photographer is going to be. If you’re going to have engagement photography happen in a short-term, tell the person that you want the same person to do the job. To get this, the contract (which must definitely exist before you pay up) should clearly state that that particular photographer will be in charge.

You don’t own the pictures

Another worry is that you might not be the owner of the very wedding pictures you paid for. If you want to be clear, you paid for the service of the photographer to take pictures of your wedding day. The issue of whether you own those is a different one. mentions that many of his clients didn’t know of this until he tells them about it. As a professional wedding photographer Scotland, he explains that in order to remain competitive in the business, it is necessary to exert the copyright of their works. Many couples post their wedding pictures and even sell them without crediting to him at all.

Negotiate about it. Most photographers are open enough to share or sell the copyrights for a sum of money. It’s not cheap, but it’s a viable option if you can afford it. Even if you don’t have the copyrights, you can still have the pictures for personal use and share them with friends and family members.

Getting an album/book

Should you print out your pictures and if you do, should you go for an album or a book? That’s right, album and book are different in quality, materials, and price. In a short explanation, the album can cost 10 times more than books but definitely last longer as well as more durable compared to books. The pictures are less vulnerable to folding and are usually handcrafted.

The issue of printing one out is also important. As much as you tell yourself that you’ll print them out sometime in the future, you can be sure that it’s not clear when. If you’ve never committed to it, it’ll be hard to tell if it’s gonna ever happen.

Pictures that are not printed out are less likely to be looked back again. Any wedding photographer Scotland would recommend you to print out because it’ll be just a waste to have them kept in the digital world that might be lost anytime soon.